Zara Embroidered Heart Dress



Warm weather is approaching, at least we think, and with that comes baby summer fashion. Zara’s Dress with Hearts is made with love with featuring beautiful embroidered hearts that will win over those boys at the playground play date. The dress is made of 100% cotton so its breathable for those hot days and simple enough to wear all day long. Soon your baby will the fashion icon of the summer and most likely the cutest baby girl in the room ($35). Buy

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Striped Dress


We here at CK love kids clothing, mainly due to the cuteness factor that us adults can’t pull off. Leave it to Zara to create whimsical, fun and modern dresses in their new spring line. The Stripped Dress is here to stay and this one is ready to set sail. The detailed pockets are stylish but also functional for all the things that little girls carry. Sizes range from little bitty to 3 years old ($19) Buy

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