Ankit Fat Bass Noise Isolating Headphones

Ankit Fat Bass Headphones_

We love headphones that are easy on the eye but still functional. As luck may have it, the Ankit Fat Bass Noise Isolating Headphones has the coolness factor while getting an A + for function. Attractive enough for study sessions, lightweight for easy carrying, compatible with almost all accessories, and built to last – this gem is a welcomed listening companion. We fancy this one with pastel peach floral. Just a little flower power to keep our music going ($54) Buy

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Where’s Warhol?



Finding Waldo is great and all but Where’s Warhol takes it up a notch traveling through time and surrounded by twelve iconic moments in Art History. Written by Catherine Ingram and illustrated by Andrew Rae, the adventure is filled with crowds of people, famous celebrities, and art at it’s best in this tale of art and seek. Ideal for older kids and parents who love the challenge of finding the pop artist amog the highly entertaining characters and crowds ($10). Buy

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Speedoletto Stacking Bed



Most of us know someone who had a plastic red race car bed growing up. Think of the red race car bed reinvented with Speedoletto’s stack-able, functional and simple design for the most important piece of furniture in their room. Designed by Fanny Rognone, the beds are made of birch plywood and will stand the test of time with sleek lines yet a bed every kid can’t wait to sleep in ($676). Buy

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Playforever Mini Speedy Le Mans Race Car


Created by Playforever’s Julian Meagher and Cameron Treeby, this little Yellow Le Mans Car only speaks the language of speed. Classic playing combined with classic racing makes this little yellow bullet a star in the car toy world. Speeding along the hallway, kitchen and just about every surface that can turn into a raceway we have a feeling kiddos will start dreaming of the big tracks ($30)Buy

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