Spot It! Find the Hidden Creatures




Spot it! Find the Hidden Creatures, written and beautifully illustrated by Delphine Chedru, is a search and find book featuring 15 creatures and one farmer all hidden amongst the geometric shapes. With brief clues on how to find the creatures, the book is a delightful game of hide and seek. The abstract design and bright patterned pages are pleasing to the eye. Your little bookworm will stay glued to you in an effort too find them all ($11).  Buy

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I Can Do It By Myself


Independence is important to a child. With this in mind, author Stephen Krensky  gives our little ones room to embrace the world with the book I Can Do It By Myself . The illustrations are reminiscent of screen print with bold colors and a concise story to keep our child engaged and dreaming about reaching for high shelves and riding a bike. Growing up never seemed so dreamy.

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