Britto Artist Journal



Inspired by famous Pop-Artist Romeo Britto, Pkolino has created an art supply set for kids that is a blank canvas waiting on it’s young budding artist! Kids can only watch so many movies on a long road trip, so traveling with an art set is like keeping a Kleenex in your back pocket – you will always need it when the time comes. The set includes 10 hexagon colored pencils, a pad of bright white paper & a colorful canvas travel case. Let that road trip be your kids creative inspiration ($16). Buy

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P’kolino Mess Eaters Travel Pal Bag

Messs_EaterAlmost every day in a kids life they inevitably ask “can I please take this with me?” Things such as a Yo-yo, melted ice cream, baseball, two week old cheerios, apples, Rubik’s cubes, you name it. Most of the time the answer is no, just because it’s hard carrying all that stuff. Now you don’t have to worry. Take your little one’s favorites without negotiating with the Mess Eaters: Blue Travel Pal. Made by P’kolino, it is just the right size for everything that must travel with your child. The cute cartoon like design isn’t so bad either but most importantly, we can say yes to all that stuff. Made with velcro straps that sit tight to any bike, stroller or scooter ($15). Buy



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P’kolino Chalk Table for Children

Pkolino_LittleTableAs you know P’kolino is one of our favorite companies for kids. All of their products aim to improve play at home and the P’Kolino Little Modern Table and Chairs does just that. The table top has a chalkboard on one side and beautiful natural wood on the other. The storage space underneath is quite large and allows for easy access for your little one to to grab whatever they need. The chairs, with their kid centered design, have a little cut-out for their little hand to grab and move around. With all its functionality and beautiful design it may just be the best little table out there ($199).


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