Bambino Kids Tray

bambino-platesNot to feed the flame, but most kids like their food separated. Not sure of the exact science behind that but there’s one cute solution via Biobu by Ekobo. The Bambino Divided Tray is designed for everyday meals, at home, picnics or backyard birthday parties, they offer an alternative to paper or even plastic plates – made of biodegradable bamboo fiber and 100% food-grade melamine binder. The trays come in vibrant colors that scream for food and add a lot more fun to mealtime ($12 each) Buy

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Oogaa’s Mealtime Set


Oogaa’s Silicone Mealtime Set is made of stuff that keeps little ones happy during meal time-planes and trains! The set, designed with engaging colors and thought out shapes, come’s with two spoons-a plane and a train accompanied with a little matching bowl. It’s all about making meals fun and this set may strike up some choo choos and zoom zooms around the table. Made of high-grade silicone, non-toxic and PVC free ($17) Buy

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