Bentgo Kids – Lunch Box


Leak proof is one of those terms that enter our vocabulary in the child rearing years. It’s a term that sticks as you see the entire food contents spill out of  your child’s cup or lunch bag that claimed to be leak proof. Setting those impostors aside, the Bentgo Kids Lunch Box is the real deal – a five compartment, leak proof, drop-proof and all around durable lunch box. The rubber portions around each of the compartments hold the delicious foods that are near and dear. Let the blueberries, cheese, hummus and PB&J unite! Close by without invading each others space. Made of food-grade safe, FDA-approved, and BPA-free materials ($27) Buy

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Lunchbox Car



Packing lunch is like groundhog day. Paper bag, sandwich, repeat. Luckily, the Lunchbox Car created by the Dutch boutique brand Invotis is here to give eating lunch a little more loco moto. The bright green lunchbox packs everything essential and doesn’t spare the important apples and fruit – there’s room for everything. Easy to open by removing the orange strap and wa-la, lunch was enjoyable and beautifully packaged, even your kids will thank you ($18). Buy

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Fruit Friendly lunch box

food_for_thought-lunchboxMy kids fruit consumption just increased ten fold.  Imagine giving your kids a lunch packed with fruit that doesn’t get bruised or left in the bottom of the bag? The Food for Thought Lunchbox made by Concentrate improves on the typical lunch box with creative design focusing on keeping fruit top of mind. The large portion holds that PB&J while two pods are great for storing grapes, strawberries and fruit galore. For the kiddos who prefer their apples cold, the thermo spot on the back tells you when to eat those up before they get warm. Now this is some food for thought ($16).

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