Djeco Petit Cubic Doll House

cubic-dollhouse-We all know a good dollhouse when we see one and this doll house introduces contemporary architecture to kids early. The Djeco Petit Cubic Doll House is a two-story luxurious home featuring a transparent roof, double height living room, two bedrooms and common area. The furniture is something out of 70s L.A and features sleek lines & colorful aesthetics while also being comfortable¬† – because we all know doll house families must be comfortable as accommodations are key to this stylish dwelling. Don’t be surprised if parents “pretend” this is their kids dollhouse –¬† we all know the truth ($200). Buy

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Lundby Smaland Dollhouse

lundby_smaland_dollhouseSometimes we buy our kids toys because THEY really want it, right? If we are honest, some things are too cool to pass up for us adults. The Scandinavian designed¬† Lundby Smaland Dollhouse may just be one of those things. Made in Sweden, Lundby collaborated with real interior designers and architects to create timeless furniture pieces, that quite frankly look better than real furniture. Creativity and durability transcend this play home and much like in real life, the openness of the rooms create a well suited play area or maybe a little R&R on the sofa. The details in furniture sets and families, which are sold separately, are just the right size for little hands to create and welcome pretend play. It’s also the first dollhouse to be equipped with electrical lighting. Just like your home; the oven, cabinet lighting, bathroom, and lamps all light up. Along with hundreds of accessories, its hard to not to see this dollhouse as the grandest of all ($87) Buy

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Roominate Custom Build Dollhouse


Girl powered engineering is making it’s way into the world (not that it hasn’t already). Inspired by two female engineering students who’s mission is to get girls more interested in engineering, Roominate’s Deluxe Dollhouse is a wired dollhouse kit that your child can build from scratch. Every kit comes with four walls and floor panels, 48 modular building pieces, 16 connector pieces, and the good ol’ circuit pack to wire it all up. The masterpiece comes with decorations to bring it all together with personality, and of course the necessary household items you would find in any dollhouse. It’s certainly a beauty when its all put together and puts the wooden dollhouse to shame ($50). Buy

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