OTO Taco Truck Playhouse



Food Trucks are all the rage these days and not just for adults. From Famous OTO out of NYC the Food truck invasion just invaded your front yard. The OTO Taco Truck brings street style tacos, quesadillas, and other favorites to imaginative play. This food truck playhouse is illustrated like most taco trucks you see around town and is made of non-toxic, recyclable cardboard. It also comes with the option to print your own license plates so you can be the real deal. Bring on the salsa! ($59)Buy

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Kidsonroof Rocket Playhouse



Lets face it, we all wanted to be astronauts when we were kids and we thought cardboard boxes were the coolest toys ever. Well this combines both. With the Kidsonroof Rocket spaceship house, kids can launch their first space endeavor to the moon. The spaceship house is limitless when it comes to imagination and creativity and great for indoor play. Made from recycled cardboard and designed with creative modern touches ($70).  Buy

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