Chairs Game


Don’t let your kids skills in Jenga think they can conquer the Chairs Game. Desinged by Pico Pao, this unique game challenges kids to be creative and gravity defying in order to keep stacking. The 14 chairs are made of compressed cardboard and extremely sturdy. Of course its a splurge compared to other priced games out there, but worth the balancing act. Stack away! ($80).

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Wonderworld City Skyline Glow Block Set

WonderworldFor your little architect in the making, the Wonderworld City Skyline Glow Block Set is like being in NYC without the traffic. These innovative blocks have a beautiful pattern in day light but once the sun sets the city lights up! The glow in the dark feature brings all the nighttime skyline to your childs room.  Includes 19 wooden block shapes and made with environmentally friendly rubberwood and  Non-Toxic Paints ($39).

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