Ray the Drain Cover



Don’t play with the drain is usually something we repeat with our kids every SINGLE night when bath time rolls around. Thankfully kid products are keeping in touch with our agony of the dreaded drain. Boon has created Ray the Drain Cover. Not only does this stop little fingers from touching (close, open, repeat) the drain, it’s soft silicone exterior covers the plug as a suction so no water will escape. Stingrays will become the new favorite cartilaginous fish in the house ($9). Buy

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Boon’s Saucer Plate



We love seeing our kids enjoy sweet potatoes, carrots and all those other loveable vegtables–but we don’t like seeing the mess it creates. Thats why Boon’s Saucer Plates are a match made in heaven. The edgeless plates have a rubber slip resistant bottom tha keeps the plate on the table while still being colorful enough to catch your child’s eye. Finally solid foods are everyones best friend ($16). Buy

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