TOTO The Toy Totem



We love stacking sculptures especially when they look like cute rocks. TOTO the Toy Totem is a stacking toy with personality of gold. These delicate, yet irresistible pebbles are stackable in any which way and include 3 vertical pebbles, 3 horizontal ovoids with random faces to enjoy, and dowels to make them all mend together. Made of solid maple wood in the USA ($38).Buy

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Alphabet Blocks


Blocks are a timeless classic toy that never get old, in fact they almost last forever. They’re wonderful for creativity, building skills and most of them are pretty unique. Areaware’s Alphabet Blocks are one of our favorites. The funky letter shapes stray from the norm and inspire kids to create and stack with letters that are beautifully made from mahogany and pine. The twenty six letter set is definitely for play but I can see a few of us claiming these as art for the office ($72). Buy

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Puzzles and blocks usually are not one in the same. Leave it to artist-cartoonist-filmaker-musician extraordinaire Richard McGuire to come come up with a hybrid called Puzzlehead. Puzzlehead’s design features cartoonish heads that fit intricately into one large puzzle. It may seem easy to piece it all together, but it takes one smart cookie to figure out this brain teaser. Once your kiddo has figured that out (which is impressive in itself) they can stack away and create hours of construction fun. We also classify this as parent kid competition- who can piece together the puzzle first? Most likey your kid will beat you, so don’t sweat it. ($40) Buy

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Pocket Pouch Magnetic Blocks

2012-tegu-pocket-pouch-nelson-big-4_2We love blocks here at CK, especially ones that are magnetic and travel friendly. Tegu’s Pocket Pouch Block Set includes 8 blocks in 2 shapes; 4 cubes and 4 short planks. The magically magnetic aspect of these blocks spurs imagination and builds skill for those budding architects. For those that need more of a challenge, like us adults; Tegu also features larger sets and accessories. We also like to think Steve Jobs inspired the packaging as each set comes packaged with a beautiful industrial felt pouch. Designed in the USA and made in Honduras with Eco-friendly materials and a non toxic finish. Now that’s coolness on the inside and out ($32). Buy

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Playshapes Blocks



We all love classic blocks but PlayShapes made by Miller Goodman ups the ante with a 74 geometric wooden shape set. The set includes eyes, lips, hearts, a mustache and other fun shapes that will keep the creative juices flowing. You can arrange or stack to make animals, people, buildings and faces. For those that need a bit of inspiration, the set includes a ‘cheat sheet’ to get your kids inspired. Beautifully made from eco friendly rubberwood and design with modern in mind ($108) Buy

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Presidential Block Set


It’s about time we make our kids learn the President’s of the United States –  because of course we know them all, right? What better way to learn presidential history than with Uncle Goose Presidential Blocks. The set of 45 blocks contain facts and figures about each president and the order in which they held office. The beauty of each block is exquisite and when all the blocks come together they form the American flag. Now that is American innovation at its finest. The blocks are crafted from sustainable wood and of course, made entirely in the good ol’ USA ($94).  Buy