Sailing Ship Kite



There’s a few good reasons to love kite weather and sailing this kite is one of them. The Sailing Ship Kite, designed by Emily Fischer is inspired by traditional Balinese kite design that is seen during the yearly Bali Kite Festival. Just a few practice trys and this kite will be flying into the wild blue yonder ($42). Buy

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Pals Cat & Dog Socks


It would be odd if any of our kids dressed themselves with matching socks. So why not embrace it. Pals Socks are designed for the kid who loves to be mismatched. Based in Brooklyn, NY these socks were designed to bring sock friends together. Although the choices are adorably endless, the Cat & Dog Pals stole our heart ($9). Buy

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Plan Toys Camping Set

plan-toys-Camping-SetIf you can’t enjoy the great outdoors bring the great outdoors to you. The wooden play Camping Set designed by Plan Toys takes kiddos to an imaginative world where there’s campfires and starry nights while enjoying the finer details of real life camping – things such as a sleeping bag, lantern, guitar and of course the tent to keep safe from the bears ($20). Buy

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Wooden Clothes Hanger


If your kids are tidy enough to clean up their room they would love to hang their clothes on these beautys. Made of plywood and acrylic paint via the Red Hand Gang these wooden hangers give those plastic ones a run for their money. With various hairdo’s and colors hanging up our clothes just got a little more fun ($20). Buy

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Yoga Joes Army Men


Ok, maybe these Yoga Joes army men are not for every kid but they come in peace. Leaving no casualties behind and unlike the classic green army men, these guys relish in the low lunge and warrior pose during key battles – just remember to bring your yoga mat as this alternative to the classic brings less combat and more yoga to play time($28). Buy

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HiLo Highchair



Every family needs a high chair worthy of showing up to dinner. The HiLo Highchair designed by Joovy just may get you and your kiddo in the mood for some meal time memories without the eye sore. Designed with simplicity in mind the HiLo’s most intriguing feature is its ability to easily convert from baby seat to up big kid seat (six years old) with just a little switch-aroo. Made from a solid birch frame and nylon wheels for easy movement this little chair is a definitely a keeper ($399). Buy

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