Playforever Mini Speedy Le Mans Race Car


Created by Playforever’s Julian Meagher and Cameron Treeby, this little Yellow Le Mans Car only speaks the language of speed. Classic playing combined with classic racing makes this little yellow bullet a star in the car toy world. Speeding along the hallway, kitchen and just about every surface that can turn into a raceway we have a feeling kiddos will start dreaming of the big tracks ($30)Buy

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Plan Toys Camping Set

plan-toys-Camping-SetIf you can’t enjoy the great outdoors bring the great outdoors to you. The wooden play Camping Set designed by Plan Toys takes kiddos to an imaginative world where there’s campfires and starry nights while enjoying the finer details of real life camping – things such as a sleeping bag, lantern, guitar and of course the tent to keep safe from the bears ($20). Buy

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Yoga Joes Army Men


Ok, maybe these Yoga Joes army men are not for every kid but they come in peace. Leaving no casualties behind and unlike the classic green army men, these guys relish in the low lunge and warrior pose during key battles – just remember to bring your yoga mat as this alternative to the classic brings less combat and more yoga to play time($28). Buy

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Woodie the Station Wagon

Woodie-candy-lab-toys-wagonThe station wagon is iconic for those of us who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s. Luckily we are keeping the nostalgia in-check with one of our favorite toy car makers, Candylab Toys. Woodie the station wagon, featuring magnetic tow hook for hitching something awesome, classic walnut veneer-paneled sides and magnet embedded roof – keeping the dream alive one car at a time ($34).Buy

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TOTO The Toy Totem



We love stacking sculptures especially when they look like cute rocks. TOTO the Toy Totem is a stacking toy with personality of gold. These delicate, yet irresistible pebbles are stackable in any which way and include 3 vertical pebbles, 3 horizontal ovoids with random faces to enjoy, and dowels to make them all mend together. Made of solid maple wood in the USA ($38).Buy

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Retro Batman & Robin Figures


If we had to educate our kids with the important things in life it would go something like this – friendships, imagination, and Batman & Robin. Far away from the iPad and other electronic do-dads, these Retro Batman & Robin Figures are here to teach kids about the real action figures that saved the day before they even knew how to crawl. These American comic book figures will be quickly loved and will also inspire the long list of “Holy” exclamations. Holy, bill of rights, Batman! ($25). Buy


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Turbo Flyer Plane



Many of our nostalgic memories from childhood include paper planes swooping into the living room furniture or tree in the front yard. Stepping it up a notch (or two!) the Turbo Flyer designed by Tait Design Co is glorious in every way. Made by hand, the Turbo Flyers are easy to build basla model kits for kids – with strong wood and aerodynamics like the real thing. Build it, fly it and collect in the coolest cardboard case that will make these a keeper ($60). Buy

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Cosmos Magnetic Spaceship Building Blocks



Exploring earth and beyond is way more fun when you have the right tools to take flight. Cosmos magnetic spaceship building blocks are simply designed and draw on children’s imagination to explore and create. These magnetic (patented Neodymium Magnetic System) blocks are all about the details. Each building block, combined with magnetic power enable hours of creating the next Saturn Rocket, Hubble Telescope or Intergalactic Starship. Just make sure to hide it from Mom and Dad as these building blocks are sure to capture any adult that’s a kid at heart ($29- $165).Buy

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