Bambino Kids Tray

bambino-platesNot to feed the flame, but most kids like their food separated. Not sure of the exact science behind that but there’s one cute solution via Biobu by Ekobo. The Bambino Divided Tray is designed for everyday meals, at home, picnics or backyard birthday parties, they offer an alternative to paper or even plastic plates – made of biodegradable bamboo fiber and 100% food-grade melamine binder. The trays come in vibrant colors that scream for food and add a lot more fun to mealtime ($12 each) Buy

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Pepo Watermelon Slicer

pepo-watermelon-slicerLong summer days and cannon balls in the pool call for poolside watermelon breaks. Without getting sticky, the Pepo Watermelon Slicer cuts watermelon into the universal shape kids love – a Popsicle! The genius concept was designed by Monkey Business and is now available to every watermelon lover around the world. Although we see a perfect fit for slicing watermelon, the slicer does works for any fruit your kid (or you!) desires ($9). Buy

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Siliskin Straw Tops

Siliskin_cup_topsMost parents have one train of thought when thinking of taking their kiddos out ot eat. Avoid it at all costs. For the idealist parent it sounds so romantic – eating cheeseburgers, enjoying the crowd, family conversation and then spilled milk saga begins. Have no fear. The SiliSkin Straw Top is here to ease the spilled drink dilemma that’s bound to happen at every outing. Siliskin is a universal top that’s made of silicone and when stretched, it covers any cup instantly making it spill proof. Yes, that’s right – spill proof. Indoors, outdoors, upside down, and backwards this top had us at hello ($9). Buy

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Chopstick Training Toy



As the world becomes globalized so must our kids. In teaching them about culture, high on the list is eating with chopsticks. The Manners Fish Chopstick Training Toy is an educational model that includes a sheet of instructions which helps kids learn the tricks of the trade. The toy fish comes with 18 parts and as they are removed from the body they are placed correctly on the puzzle. As time goes by your kiddo will be able to school you in sushi eating, or pretty much anything after that ($40). Buy

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Bentgo Kids – Lunch Box


Leak proof is one of those terms that enter our vocabulary in the child rearing years. It’s a term that sticks as you see the entire food contents spill out of  your child’s cup or lunch bag that claimed to be leak proof. Setting those impostors aside, the Bentgo Kids Lunch Box is the real deal – a five compartment, leak proof, drop-proof and all around durable lunch box. The rubber portions around each of the compartments hold the delicious foods that are near and dear. Let the blueberries, cheese, hummus and PB&J unite! Close by without invading each others space. Made of food-grade safe, FDA-approved, and BPA-free materials ($27) Buy

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