Pals Cat & Dog Socks


It would be odd if any of our kids dressed themselves with matching socks. So why not embrace it. Pals Socks are designed for the kid who loves to be mismatched. Based in Brooklyn, NY these socks were designed to bring sock friends together. Although the choices are adorably endless, the Cat & Dog Pals stole our heart ($9). Buy

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Hello Shiso Hair Clips


It’s safe to say hair accessories are on the up and up among the toddler fashion world. Hello Shiso design studio out of Berkeley, California is turning the hair accessory world into the cutest thing that ever existed. Hair accessories that inspire little ones to be bold and fun, the studio designs loveable creatures such as alligators, seahorses, ladybugs and also other child favorites – pineapples, watermelon and the oh so favorite strawberry. The Ice Cream Social and Cactus Clips stole our heart but the variety is plentiful ($12-$13).  Buy

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Gardner and The Gang T-Shirt

Gardnerandthegan_kids_tshirtsHaving monochromatic style can get pretty boring. That’s why we love brands that go beyond the basic blue Tee. Gardner and The Gang, an unique children’s clothing brand honors color and fun. Featuring prints that make us go wild, Kristin Nystrom the designer behind the brand, hand draws all prints which are then screen-printed on organic cotton. With beautiful colors featuring T-Shirts such as Gertrude the Giraffe and Pete the Pony, it’s hard not to resist one, or two…or a collection that will last all summer ($37).

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Lulu + Roo Sleeveless Hoodies

LuluRoo_HoodiesFor the love of hoodies. Bringing the coolest hoodies to the masses, Lulu and Roo design and create the most fashionable kid clothes without compromising quality or comfort. Theses slim fit Sleeveless Hoodies are handcrafted with the finest fabrics and depending on which one grabs your attention, they feature stripes, floral patterns, and beautiful solids that are soft, stretchy and bound to make any kid the fashion icon of the block ($36) Buy

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Vans Glow Sharks Shoe



There are few things in life that kids still find exciting. One of those things is sharks! Vans combines their classic slip-on shoe with love for glow in the dark sharks. The Glow Sharks Classic Slip-on made of canvas, is designed with a shark print that will get heads turning. The blue and white print makes a statement by day and a cool glow of sharks attacking by night ($50).  Buy

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