Woodie the Station Wagon

Woodie-candy-lab-toys-wagonThe station wagon is iconic for those of us who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s. Luckily we are keeping the nostalgia in-check with one of our favorite toy car makers, Candylab Toys. Woodie the station wagon, featuring magnetic tow hook for hitching something awesome, classic walnut veneer-paneled sides and magnet embedded roof – keeping the dream alive one car at a time ($34).Buy

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Turbo Flyer Plane



Many of our nostalgic memories from childhood include paper planes swooping into the living room furniture or tree in the front yard. Stepping it up a notch (or two!) the Turbo Flyer designed by Tait Design Co is glorious in every way. Made by hand, the Turbo Flyers are easy to build basla model kits for kids – with strong wood and aerodynamics like the real thing. Build it, fly it and collect in the coolest cardboard case that will make these a keeper ($60). Buy

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Wooden Film Camera


With technology reigning in our kiddos it’s refreshing to see simply crafted wooden toys that spark creativity. Fanny & Alexander, makers of nostalgic toys, let children play in the most creative and basic way – using their imagination! No batteries, lights or singing animal voices, the Wooden Film Camera gives honor to the Super 8 and is made of Guatambu and incense wood featuring a playful zoom to get those one in a lifetime shots ($63). Buy

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Wooden Hamburger Set


Lets be truthful – you can’t have a burger without the fries. Even toy designers know this. The wooden Hamburger Set is a breath of fresh air mainly because its not made of plastic. The wooden set features the burger, bun, cheese and fries. Oh and there’s one more thing – the set doubles as 2 musical instruments – a castanet and maracas! After a pretend chow down of dinner, let the music begin ($35). Buy

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Hand-made Wooden Car + Peg People



A few toys from our childhood are still around today, almost all of them are wooden toys that survived our rough and tough handling of them. There is no doubt the Goose Grease company’s hand-made Waldrof Wooden Car with Peg People, will be one of those that stick around. The bus includes four hand-turned kid-sized peg dolls about 2.5″ tall. The simplicity is what makes these toys beautiful as kids create imaginative play. Made from sustainable wood in the good old’ USA ($38).  Buy

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Pixie Wooden Camera


It’s nice to know there are people out there creating beautiful products for kids. Twig Creative Shop has designed and built the Pixie Wooden Camera that encourages imagination and creativity. The aesthetically pleasing colors lend themselves to the simplicity of the camera’s design. Designed with moveable parts which include knobs, buttons and a rotating view finder for that perfect shot. This will certainly be the tug along toy of choice where ever your little one roams.  Finished with eco-friendly materials and paints ($40). Buy

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