Life Studio Umbrellas



The Life Studio Pattern Umbrellas are more than just a rainy day statement. These heavy duty umbrellas come in beautiful patterns, compact for on the go, and will be loved by kids young and old. Whether its walking to school on a rainy day, or just keeping it backpack handy, it will always be there for you like a friend you hold dear. The color options are endless ranging from Daisy, Leaf and Dot designs. With these umbrellas, your kids will be wishing for rain drops ($38). Buy

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Trasparent Umbrella

UmbrellaKids love umbrellas especially when they can see rain falling down on them. The Skittle Umbrella from Stella McCartney protects from the rain as much as it gives kids more of an excuse to be goofy underneath it all. Faces can transform from mustache man to bunny rabit, to googly eyes. More reasons to love rainy days ($60). Buy

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Cath Kidston Petals Umbrella

C723-Cath Kidston-Funbrella-2-Petal Print White_zoom

As an accessory of choice during rainy days, the Cath Kidston Funbrella in Petal Print brings a throwback london-esq style to our modern kids. The transparent dome canopy provides visibility for looking up as the raindrops comes down and the bubble shape lends itself to more than just an umbrella, its a cocoon that hugs your little one and keeps them dry like no umbrella can. Soon they will be singing in the rain and looking delightfully adorable while doing it ($17). Buy

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