Emoji Stamp Kit


Emoticons give us pictorial representations of everything under the sun. They offer a range of feelings, emotions and gestures. Luckily they go beyond the digital world. The Emoji Stamp Kit designed by Yellow Owl Workshop is all about communicating through beautifully designed stamps. The set of 11 stamps embrace what we already know, that kiddos love to express themselves in cute little pictures. Best of all, the kit includes a neon pink ink pad ($19.50) Buy

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Fashion Stamp Set



With all that girls are into these days, fashion is probably high on the list and so is this ridiculously cool stamp set. Based on the book, My Wonderful World of Fashion, author and illustrator Nina Chakrabarti has created another world of fashion using stamps. The stamp set includes shoes, dresses, handbags, bows and other accessories. Also comes with two inkpads so the fashion creativity doesn’t stop for you little designer as their art becomes ready for the runway ($15). Buy

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