RANGE Rover Sport Ride On Car



Since kids today need more luxury in their life, Range Rover came to rescue to become one of the world’s most¬†luxurious ride on car. The new Range Rover Sport 12V ride-on is designed after the newest model and will definitely get the neighborhood kids on close stand by. The Rover features working doors, chrome wheels and tailpipes, working start, engine, and horn buttons for real life sound effects and revs up to 4.5 mph.¬† Kids can connect their portable music player to the speaker jack and rock out. When parked, it’s bound to put any real car to shame ($400). Buy

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Saab Roadster Ride On Car

saab-wideYeah we know its a splurge but we had to bring it to the masses because its quite frankly cooler than any car we drive. Designed by Ulf Hanses and made by Playsam, The Saab Roadster is perfect for your little budding car enthusiast that is dying to drive something more simple and European. The design is based on the very first Saab featuring simple design yet functional too. The steering wheel is made of wood and metal (just like the original) and the body style screams a need for speed. We have a feeling your kid will be the envy of the neighborhood with these wheels ($450). Buy

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