Tangram Puzzle



The quietest we’ve seen our kids play is when they’ve been in deep focus on completing the Tangram Tiling Puzzle. Bringing a modern flare to the old classic Chinese puzzle consisting of flat shapes, these tangrams feature an adorable duck, whale and fox. Each puzzle is made of birch plywood and each puzzle piece made of laser cut acrylic. As your little one becomes an expert on these, the results is nothing shy of creative, fun, and challenging all at the same time. ($13) Buy

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Puzzles and blocks usually are not one in the same. Leave it to artist-cartoonist-filmaker-musician extraordinaire Richard McGuire to come come up with a hybrid called Puzzlehead. Puzzlehead’s design features cartoonish heads that fit intricately into one large puzzle. It may seem easy to piece it all together, but it takes one smart cookie to figure out this brain teaser. Once your kiddo has figured that out (which is impressive in itself) they can stack away and create hours of construction fun. We also classify this as parent kid competition- who can piece together the puzzle first? Most likey your kid will beat you, so don’t sweat it. ($40) Buy

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Little Sapling matching tiles


These little matching tiles are sure to bring delight to your childs game collection. The Tile Game made by Little Sapling includes 24 tiles; two each of 12 images of kid’s faces. Each game set includes instructions for five different games to be played with the tiles, from one to four players. Concentration, imagination and other developmental skills will shine while you watch your little one master the matching. Made of beautiful hardwood and safe for all ages. ($26)

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Pieces Foam Bath Puzzle

boon_puzzle Boon is always coming out with unique products to spur our little ones into imagination and play. One of the newest products makes bath time much more fun. The Pieces Foam Bath Puzzle gives your little peanut an alternative to splashing all the water out of the bathtub. Instead, they can puzzle away with pieces that stick to the tub and float in the water. For an added bonus ,the puzzle is mildew and mold resistant. ($9).

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Pkolino Puzzle

Pkolino Muti-Solution PuzlesAs the saying goes imagination is more important than knowledge. Leave it to Pkolino to come up with these funĀ  Multi-Solution puzzles that keeps your child busy with shapes alike. These are not your typical one-and-done puzzles, rather they are the puzzles that keep a child’s imagination going. There are 5 different puzzles from bugs to spaceships to choose from.


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