Fruity Handmade Plush Dolls




Plush dolls always have a home at CK, especially handmade ones. Izzy Berry-Strawberry and Maggie Melon-Watermelon are made for stardom and bound to be bedside companions. The detail on each plush is beautifully done and soft enough to make us adults want to cuddle up beside Izzy and Maggie ourselves! Designed with details up to the cheeks these little plushes come with lots of personality and are made of 100% cotton and poplin fabric. ($32) Buy

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Handmade Personalized Family


All kids love to have something they feel bonded with, you know like people who look like them. Citizens Collectible Handmade Personalized Family does just that. It combines the most important people in their life and turns them into dolls. These beautifully handcrafted plush dolls, ranging from 8 to 4 inches tall, are made from high quality wooden felt and Polyester fiber stuffing. They are definitely too cute to not splurge and we can finally see what we look like as a plush toy. ($146)

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