Porcelain Piggy Banks

piggy bankpiggybank2


If you’re having a hard time getting your kids to save money, it’s best to introduce Jonathan Alder’s piggy banks into your child’s life.  Junior Frenchie is the man of the hour with his petite mustache and stare that begs anyone to give him money.  Junior King Queen is similarly designed with squinty eyes and a blue curly mustache. The porcelain piggy banks are designed with kids in mind and gives a great ode to design and function working together in harmony. Don’t let the cool, collective demeanor fool you, they want your money! ($78) Buy

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B.B. Billosaur Piggy Bank


Instead of washing up your kid’s dollar bills in the washing machine (happens almost every time) you may want invest in the B.B Billosaur Piggy Bank. This unique ceramic piggy bank dosen’t accept coins, rather bills are accepted through the holes in his back. Cleverly designed and a great way to get your kids involved in some serious saving mojo. This will come in handy when pennies finally become extinct ($39)  Buy

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