Water Ballon Filler



We don’t condone water balloon fights, but if you must participate we suggest using this nifty Tie Not Water Balloon Filler. So long are the days where we got our balloons filled using the kitchen faucet-then spending much needed ballon throwing time to tie them up. This nifty filler knows that time is of the essence. Works as easy a twisting it onto your outdoor hose and wa-la. Even kiddos can do it on their own. If they only had these when we were kids our water balloon stash would have been tenfold. ($5) Buy

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Globe Hg Retro Ripper Skateboard



There are many skateboards that are suitable for good rides, but none can touch the form and function of Globe’s Hg Retro Ripper Cruiserboard. The board is especially great for early learners and features a modern look but old school feel design which has the durability and functionality of high performing boards. Coolest thing about this board? Once exposed to sunlight, it glows in the dark. Comes in multiple colors and the deck is made from heavy-duty molded plastic with a grip pattern on top. Perfect for you little aspiring skateboarder who who wants to hit the pavement like a pro ($129) Buy

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FirstBIKE Street Bike


The First Bike Street Bike is not your typical no pedal ride. The extremely light balance bike is made from injection mold and has a design that stands out from the crowd. The award winning bike features a frame that is waterproof and rust resistant and whether your little one is riding the urban oasis or roughing it on the dirt terrain, this one can handle it all. Not only does it provide a stress free way for your child to learn, it also has safety features that are like no other bike on the market with rear drum brake lets your child break easily and a seat designed to have that little body stay put ($159)

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The Chalkboard Playhouse

chalkboardplayhouseWe know its on the expensive side but we have to splurge once right? The Chalkboard Playhouse is the place where kids explore inside and out. The roof is a large chalkboard for doodling and expressing creativity. Crawling in and out of this little house conjures up a world of play where the sky is the limit. The inter-locking walls allow for easy assembly for moms and dads. The best thing-its easy to put away too with walls detaching and storing flat.

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