Boon’s Saucer Plate



We love seeing our kids enjoy sweet potatoes, carrots and all those other loveable vegtables–but we don’t like seeing the mess it creates. Thats why Boon’s Saucer Plates are a match made in heaven. The edgeless plates have a rubber slip resistant bottom tha keeps the plate on the table while still being colorful enough to catch your child’s eye. Finally solid foods are everyones best friend ($16). Buy

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Monkey Business Sunnyside Silicon Egg Shaper

Sunnyside-Egg-MoldThere is no better way to start the day than with a sunny side up – literally. The Monkey Business Sunnyside Silicon Egg Shaper is bound to bring a smile to your kid’s morning, which lets face it, is usually a 2 hour window of chaos mixed with glazed over little people roaming the house. The innovative design is simple –  just pour the egg into the circle while the egg yolk stays in the ring and the white flows out to fill the cloud. Simple enough to get your kids involved and sunny enough to brighten their day ($12). Buy

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Fruit Friendly lunch box

food_for_thought-lunchboxMy kids fruit consumption just increased ten fold.  Imagine giving your kids a lunch packed with fruit that doesn’t get bruised or left in the bottom of the bag? The Food for Thought Lunchbox made by Concentrate improves on the typical lunch box with creative design focusing on keeping fruit top of mind. The large portion holds that PB&J while two pods are great for storing grapes, strawberries and fruit galore. For the kiddos who prefer their apples cold, the thermo spot on the back tells you when to eat those up before they get warm. Now this is some food for thought ($16).

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Landscape Dinner Set

LandscapeDinner landscape-dinner-set

Dinnertime is more of an adventure at our house than a peaceful one. What better way to wrangle the kids to sit down for more than 2 seconds with this DOIY design Landscape Dinner Set. The dinner set is designed with the utensils having their unique place as well as bringing a colorful view to your child’s plate. Meal time never looked so good and functional. The set is 100% melamine and dishwasher safe ($48).

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The Dipr Cookie Spoon



You can’t have one without the other right? What is an Oreo without milk? The Dipr is here to make your dipping easier. With this handy captain hook like tool, the kids (and you) will have a new way of dipping that does away with all the crumbles. It’s BPA Free, dishwasher safe, comes in many colors and made in the good ol’ US of A.

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