50/50 Colored Pencils


There’s more than a 50/50 chance your kiddos will love these colors. These 50/50 Pencils contains 12 full size pencils, each double-ended. So many colors crammed into one small tin of happiness lets the creativity flow as each drawing reaches two tone heights. With a little bit of white, cream, yellow and light brown the doodling is endless. Not only are these great for everyday use but also for the traveling family who needs less technology and more color ($10). Buy


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Free Form Magnatab

MagnatabIt’s Magnadoodle taken to another level. The Free Play Magnatab has metal balls that when touched with the magnetic stylus, brings the balls to surface to create a design. When ready to erase just press on the surface of the tab, and wa-la, its erased. The unique modern design makes it easy to hold and easy to create, shapes, letters and all that other stuff kids like to doodle. Oh the creations they will create ($18). Buy

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