Star Trek Cookie Cutters



These Star Trek Cookie Cutters are a good way to get those ‘not so into baking’ teens into the kitchen. The cookie cutters come in a pack of five which include the Federation insignia, Klingon Empire insignia, a classic phaser, the USS Enterprise, or Mr Spock’s famous salute. The spring mounted die let’s you imprint the cookie dough with precision. Because that is key to these delcious cookies. We think even Gene Roddenberry would approve. ($29) Buy

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Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters


Finally our love for ninjas and cookies has merged into one. The Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters are bound to enhance cookie making and will put other cookie cutters to shame. With classic ninja poses and larger than most cookie cutters, they are perfect for detailed icing. We are thinking swords, ninja belts, knives and whatever ninja’s carry all in sugary form of course.  A Ninjabread Man fight may or may not break out, but the possibilities are endless ($8). Buy

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The Camera Cookie Cutter Set



Coming out of the gingerbread man’s shadows is the innovative Camera Cookie Cutter Set. We all agree there’s nothing better than cookie cutters that make cool shapes. This set includes 3 different designs – The SLR (red), a classic rangefinder (yellow) and the old school twin reflex camera (green). Each design also comes with a stencil for icing or sprinkle detail. Now these cookie cutters are camera ready and bound to make your kids say cheese! ($18) Buy

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