Henri Matisse: Meet the Artist



Learning about great art doesn’t have to wait until college. Henri Matisse: Meet The Artist! is a storybook created by Patricia Geis, which takes young readers into the life of Matisse’s paintings. Ideal for kids K-3,¬† the book contains twenty five of his paintings accompanied by pop-ups, lift-flaps, cut-outs, and pull tabs throughout the book. The text of the story is perfectly written for this age group and ventures into Matisse’s life inside and outside the studio. The author is attune to kids attention span, ensuring the story of Matisse is not too long nor overwhelming, at the end, inspiring the budding artist to be ($20). Buy

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Goodnight Darth Vader



As parents we ask ourselves how many books does it take to get our child to go to sleep? Usually reading more than four, trust us. If you must be forced into this unfortunate necessity author Jeffrey Brown brings the Star Wars galaxy pillow side. Goodnight Darth Vader is a chronicle of Sith Lord having to soothe his twins Luke and Leia into going to bed but they insist on a story. The book touches on loveable characters and creatures such as Yoda, Darth Maul, Han Solo, Chewbacca and more and how each of them prepares for a night’s slumber. The illustrations are just as amazing as the story and enough hidden layers to keep us adults enjoying it as we read along. If anything, it proves putting our little creatures to bed is just as hard in the galaxy far far away ($10). Buy

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Snail Trail by Jo Saxton



Snail Trail by Jo Saxton is a book that hits the right spot for kids. Children follow a colorful snail’s silvery trail as he searches for his very own snail portrait. The author uses rhyming words which kids love, and famous artwork from Pollock, Picasso, Rothko, Dali and more as he passes all the pictures that are not of him before arriving at his final portrait. Its a book that will teach kids about art in the most foundational way and maybe us adults will learn something about modern art as well. It’s a story that’s also timeless so when your little one grows, it’s still a book that they will fall in love with all over agian ($14) Buy

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Spot It! Find the Hidden Creatures




Spot it! Find the Hidden Creatures, written and beautifully illustrated by Delphine Chedru, is a search and find book featuring 15 creatures and one farmer all hidden amongst the geometric shapes. With brief clues on how to find the creatures, the book is a delightful game of hide and seek. The abstract design and bright patterned pages are pleasing to the eye. Your little bookworm will stay glued to you in an effort too find them all ($11).  Buy

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I Can Do It By Myself


Independence is important to a child. With this in mind, author Stephen Krensky  gives our little ones room to embrace the world with the book I Can Do It By Myself . The illustrations are reminiscent of screen print with bold colors and a concise story to keep our child engaged and dreaming about reaching for high shelves and riding a bike. Growing up never seemed so dreamy.

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