Doodle Placemats



Doodling isn’t something your grow out of so you might as well do it right from the get go. Draw, sketch and doodle away on these Doodle Placemats designed by eatsleepdoodle and almost guaranteed to keep your kids busy at the restaurant before the shenanigans ensue. Made of strong cotton, these canvas like placemats are washable and durable to handle each masterpieces ten times over ($30). Buy

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Fingerprint Art Postcards


Some say there’s a lost art in postcard writing. That may be true but a few folks such as Marion Deuchars is keeping the flame alive. An award winning illustrator and best selling author of Make Some Great Art series, her book Fingerprint Art Postcards is full of irresistible animals. The set contains 20 detachable postcards with fun characters, each with their own personality. If there was ever a reason to use that one stamp laying around the house, it would be to send a little Marion Deuchars postcard to a near and dear little friend ($10) Buy

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Henri Matisse: Meet the Artist



Learning about great art doesn’t have to wait until college. Henri Matisse: Meet The Artist! is a storybook created by Patricia Geis, which takes young readers into the life of Matisse’s paintings. Ideal for kids K-3,  the book contains twenty five of his paintings accompanied by pop-ups, lift-flaps, cut-outs, and pull tabs throughout the book. The text of the story is perfectly written for this age group and ventures into Matisse’s life inside and outside the studio. The author is attune to kids attention span, ensuring the story of Matisse is not too long nor overwhelming, at the end, inspiring the budding artist to be ($20). Buy

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DIY Calculator


Calculators are not what they use to be. In fact now kids can design their own giving that personal touch to something that is usually mundane. The DIY Calculator gives reason to get excited about calculations (ok maybe calculating is not all that fun). Made with paper and a template for the numbers, you gotta put those in the right place, it’s artistic expression to infinity. Time to doodle away ($13) Buy

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Come & Draw Table



At some point in a parent’s life they will inevitably say: don’t draw on the table! Luckily Tian Tang’s design puts that to rest. Designed out of Sweden, the Come and Draw Table welcomes kids to draw away in artistic, fun and modern fashion. The table with it’s kid centered design includes built in paper-over 300 stacking round pieces in fact. As kid’s draw the top paper base can be spun so the artistic possibilities are endless. It’s a table that will most likely be the center piece of their play space and will encourage shareable artwork to invite their friends to draw and create together. Made of ec- friendly materials and paper ($400). Buy

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Rainy Day Survival Kit



Some kids choose to jump in muddy puddles when it’s raining but those muddy puddles have some competition. Land of Nod is saving all kids from boredom when those rainy days keep kids inside wondering what to do with themselves. The Rainy Day Survival Kit is just the ticket to imagination, fun and artistic creations during those long days. The kit includes projects you can do with modeling clay, popsicle sticks, markets, clothespins, glitter glue and everything else under the sun (also much cleaner than muddy puddles!) ($15). Buy

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Fashion Stamp Set



With all that girls are into these days, fashion is probably high on the list and so is this ridiculously cool stamp set. Based on the book, My Wonderful World of Fashion, author and illustrator Nina Chakrabarti has created another world of fashion using stamps. The stamp set includes shoes, dresses, handbags, bows and other accessories. Also comes with two inkpads so the fashion creativity doesn’t stop for you little designer as their art becomes ready for the runway ($15). Buy

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Pop Stick Art

Alexs Pop Stick Art


It’s those rainy days that either make us curl up in a ball or fill us with endless fun with our kids. The ALEX Toy Early Learning Pop Stick Art will make that rainy day turn into a memorable one. The pop stick art is fun in a box which includes the pop sticks, animal shaped paper, stickers to embellish each creation and 7 fun pop stick projects. Your little crafter just got a little craftier ($10). Buy

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Playon Crayons

Primary_Crayon-300x300It’s been around for a while but we love these crayons so much they are worth a rebirth. Little fingers never felt so good inside these beautifully made organic crayons called Playon Crayons by Studio Skinny. Leave it to the little ones to not only color with these but you will find them stacking and building tall skyscrapers in rainbow fashion. The crayons are Certified non toxic by the Art & Creative Materials Institute, stain free and easy to hold. They come in primary colors or pastels.

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