Sailing Ship Kite



There’s a few good reasons to love kite weather and sailing this kite is one of them. The Sailing Ship Kite, designed by Emily Fischer is inspired by traditional Balinese kite design that is seen during the yearly Bali Kite Festival. Just a few practice trys and this kite will be flying into the wild blue yonder ($42). Buy

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OTO Taco Truck Playhouse



Food Trucks are all the rage these days and not just for adults. From Famous OTO out of NYC the Food truck invasion just invaded your front yard. The OTO Taco Truck brings street style tacos, quesadillas, and other favorites to imaginative play. This food truck playhouse is illustrated like most taco trucks you see around town and is made of non-toxic, recyclable cardboard. It also comes with the option to print your own license plates so you can be the real deal. Bring on the salsa! ($59)Buy

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Giant Unicorn Float by Floaty

unicorn-float-for-kids_Every kid (and maybe adult) needs a little bit of unicorn in their life in the form of a giant inflatable. The Giant Unicorn Float by Floaty is huge as the name implies and still lives up to its legendary fame of special powers, pool powers that is. As giant as you can get, this 8 foot creature will grab any pool parties attention and have kids enjoying pool time until the sun goes down. Featuring a special valve that allows inflation with a pump or hairdryer, the float is quick to inflate and deflate. With rainbow hair and a golden horn the legend never dies ($99) Buy

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Tesla Model S Electric Car for Kids



The iconic brand Radio Flyer is adding a new line of red wheels and it’s a ride on the electric side. Teaming up to create a dream come true, Tesla and Radio Flyer are bringing the Tesla Model S Electric Mini Car to the masses. It looks, acts and sounds just like the real thing but its a mini version of the best electric sedan out there. Like any good splurge, don’t think about it too much –  just look at the obvious signs of amazing-ness and joy that you will bring to your kids heart.  Running on Flight Speed lithium ion batters and cruising up to 6 miles, this ride is bound to turn heads in the neighborhood. The car features a sound system, front trunk, and our favorite part – working headlights ($499 PreOrder). Buy

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Brum Brum Balance Bike


Balance bikes are fairly simple, yet some fall short on design. Brum Brum has kept the simplicity while adding a bit of amazing-ness to the good ol’ balance bike. The Brum Brum Balance Bike is not like any other on the market. The natural suspension gives kids an advantage when riding, and the wheels? Why yes we will take those too. No worries on the gravel roads, rocks, or roads less traveled. Ideal for 2 through 6 year olds the bike adjusts to reach any kids potential. The only thing missing is adventure ($336).Buy

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Sea-Saw Pool Float



It’s that time of year again where we never see our kids and maybe that’s a good thing. Being at the pool all day is what summer is all about. Not far from every summer memory is Marco Polo, sugary drinks, and now this giant awesome float. The Sea-Saw Water Rocker is exactly as it appears, a a giant float, 100 inch by 60 inch and ready for any kiddo to jump, climb or see-saw away into never ending fun. In fact just trying to stay on is the best part ($55).  Buy

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Life Studio Umbrellas



The Life Studio Pattern Umbrellas are more than just a rainy day statement. These heavy duty umbrellas come in beautiful patterns, compact for on the go, and will be loved by kids young and old. Whether its walking to school on a rainy day, or just keeping it backpack handy, it will always be there for you like a friend you hold dear. The color options are endless ranging from Daisy, Leaf and Dot designs. With these umbrellas, your kids will be wishing for rain drops ($38). Buy

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Bonsai Cacoon



A cool place to hang out doesn’t have to be the play room. The Bonsai Cacoon is half hammock, tent and swing that can hang from a tree or be placed indoors. This cacoon is perfect for kids to relax, tell ghost stories, hide away or just hang- literally. Inspired by the Weaver birds nests after travels to Mexico, the Bonsai Cacoon was designed for kids specifically, and made of fabrics developed for indoor use and outdoor that can be placed just about anywhere. We love the idea of hanging from a tree and kids will too. Imagination will surely run wild in this cacoon of awesomeness ($270).  Buy

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Bennett Balance BIke



Although it sounds intuitive, riding a bike for the first time takes a bit of practice. Back in the day, training wheels were the main way we learned. Luckily with the popularity of the balance bike, kids can take advantage of learning how to ride without those bulky extra wheels. The Bennett Balace Bike, made of recycled milk jugs, is simply designed with no pedals, easy to reach handles and the added bonus of being beautifully designed with the frame of the bike inspired by Chicago bridges. For the budding cyclist, a Brooks saddle can be added as an additional feature. Now that is one serious balance bike ($250) Buy

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AFrame Playhouse



Mid century modern architecture is not just for grown ups. Inspired by dwellings from this era, The AFrame Modern playhouse is designed with simplicity in mind yet carries a grand gesture of fun and play. The playhouse is made of sustainable plywood handcrafted in Saint Louis, Missouri and designed for the outdoors. The open floor plan and bright color will set the stage for imagination and hopefully many long years of playhouse fun. Just don’t get upset when your little one doesn’t want to come inside for the day ($1,200). Buy

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