Ankit Fat Bass Noise Isolating Headphones

Ankit Fat Bass Headphones_

We love headphones that are easy on the eye but still functional. As luck may have it, the Ankit Fat Bass Noise Isolating Headphones has the coolness factor while getting an A + for function. Attractive enough for study sessions, lightweight for easy carrying, compatible with almost all accessories, and built to last – this gem is a welcomed listening companion. We fancy this one with pastel peach floral. Just a little flower power to keep our music going ($54) Buy

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Oogie Glow Figures



Oogie characters via Kid O are for kids that like to stretch their imagination. Designed by Moluk they can stretch, suction and anything in between. The new Oogie Glow is a welcomed addition to the award winning Oogie family and shines bright for you kid whether playing hide and seek or just tagging along at bed time. Just hold the Ooogi Glow man near a bright light to charge – and wa-la, the glowing begins ($16). Buy

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FiLIP Watch


We’re not judging, but if you loose your kids more than your keys, we think it’s time for a smart locator that will connect you with your children without a need for a phone. The Filip wearable phone and locator uses GPS, GMS and WiFi to give parents peace of mind by keeping tabs on their kids while also providing intelligent information. In staying connected, the waterproof watch can make & receive calls & texts, locate their kids, create safe zones around certain locations and features a tiny red button for emergency calls. With no apps, music, or other distractions, we think this device take first price in the genius category ($149). Buy

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Horbert Portable Boombox

ck-horbert-5We love Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but our tired ears can only handle so much. The Horbert portable player is designed for the kids that love their own music – and it stores their little tunes in a stylish wooden box, without bothering Mommy and Daddy’s phone or portable player. With 45 hours of playback and buttons designed for little fingers, kiddos can play their own music until the sun goes down ($314). Buy

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Toy Swiss Army Knife


It’s important to start early in learning how to use a knife – and handle with care. For the camping, hiking, or boy scout enthusiast using a knife needs practice and responsibility before taking the plunge into the real thing.  The Theo Kline Toy Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox is appropriate for just that – learning about the real thing via plastic that ensures all fingers stay intact.  Encouraging play, the plastic designed multi-tool includes a small saw, plastic spoon, fork, knife, blade and a magnifying class for the up close insect curiosities ($10)  Buy

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Miffy Purse


In kid world there’s a bag for everything – lip balm bag, crayon bag, hair clip case, you name it. To hold all these treasures kids need a bag with style. Illustrator and textile designer Jane Foster brings whimsical beauty to everything she touches. Her handmade Miffy Fabric Purse features retro Miffy fabric, polka dots and hearts. Small yet in large if style, this little bag is perfect for those pencils, crayons or any knick knack kids find around the house. Knowing our kids they LOVE to keep things in their own little bags and this one is sure to grab the hearts of many ($20). Buy

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Mokuyobi Threads BackPack


We know a good backpack when we see one. This Mokuyobi Threads Backpack is a gem exclusively designed for Land of Nod. With much style and durability, it just so happens this backpack can handle any thing your kiddo needs. Pencils, gigantic rocks, history books, you name it, this backpack can carry it. Made of 100% nylon, the backpack is waterproof and features adjustable straps for any size kid ($49). Buy

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Water Garden Fish Tank

WGIf you told us there would be a self-cleaning fish tank that grows food we would pause, look at you funny, then go about our merry way. Turns out you are right. The Water Garden is an innovative masterpiece that is part fish tank, part garden. The sustainable eco-system works like this – you feed little fishy Jr,  fishy Jr creates waste and then waste gets pumps up to the plants to fertilize them. All the nutrients come from the fish and wa-la everyone is happy. The beautiful fish tank still takes our breathe away in the innovation category and best of all it’s made in the USA ($60). Buy

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Weber Grill


No matter what part of the world you live in, grilling is universal. The local park, American backyard and streets of Seoul, the pastime has no boundaries.  In a race to ensure the world continues grilling without missing a beat, its important to teach our kiddos the tricks of the trade – and it starts young. The Theo Klein Pretend Play Weber Grill will turn your little tike into a BBQ lover  – and we’re ok with that.  Looks, acts, and sounds just like a real Weber Grill, the set has accessories such as T-bone steaks, Salmon for the Omega 3 conscious child,  Shrimp, and the all important veggies. With light up charcoal, lighter, and tongs, don’t be surprised if your kiddos start inviting their BFFs out back for some ‘Shrimp on the Barbie’ ($30). Buy

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