Ankit Fat Bass Noise Isolating Headphones

Ankit Fat Bass Headphones_

We love headphones that are easy on the eye but still functional. As luck may have it, the Ankit Fat Bass Noise Isolating Headphones has the coolness factor while getting an A + for function. Attractive enough for study sessions, lightweight for easy carrying, compatible with almost all accessories, and built to last – this gem is a welcomed listening companion. We fancy this one with pastel peach floral. Just a little flower power to keep our music going ($54) Buy

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Bentwood Booster Seat


We always love a product that speaks to design. Almost all of us have purchased a high chair or booster seat as our little kiddo grows but most seats on the market are clunky and traditional. Summer Infant brings us the Bentwood Booster Seat made of a lightweight wood and pleasing to the eye. The Danish-Esq seat also features a tray for use in three positions and a cushion for the little bum which makes for a comfortable environment for enjoying food with the rest of the family ($54).  Buy

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B.B. Billosaur Piggy Bank


Instead of washing up your kid’s dollar bills in the washing machine (happens almost every time) you may want invest in the B.B Billosaur Piggy Bank. This unique ceramic piggy bank dosen’t accept coins, rather bills are accepted through the holes in his back. Cleverly designed and a great way to get your kids involved in some serious saving mojo. This will come in handy when pennies finally become extinct ($39)  Buy

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Kano Computer Kit

Kano Computer KitIf kids are doing anything these days, its definitely not building things. Kano is here to change that along with bringing computer science back in a non dorky way with form and function. The Kano Computer Kit is a DIY computer kit designed to help kids assemble a computer from scratch, hence learning basic coding skills and obviously surpassing anything we could ever build. The Kit includes a wireless keyboard, Raspberry Pi, a speaker module, accessories and beautiful packaging that is designed to fit easily in a letterbox. If anything can get your kids away from the iPad, this may be it (129).  Buy

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DOIY Design Ear Sharpner

ear-sharpenerIt begs the question- would giving your kid a pencil sharpener shaped as an ear get them to do their homework? I think so. DOIY Design has come up with this magnificent Ear Shaped Pencil Sharpener. The little sharpener makes it ok for your little one to stick their pencil in their ear. These come in a beautiful aqua green and  yellow. Enjoy seeing the smiles on your kids faces as they sharpen away!

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