HiLo Highchair



Every family needs a high chair worthy of showing up to dinner. The HiLo Highchair designed by Joovy just may get you and your kiddo in the mood for some meal time memories without the eye sore. Designed with simplicity in mind the HiLo’s most intriguing feature is its ability to easily convert from baby seat to up big kid seat (six years old) with just a little switch-aroo. Made from a solid birch frame and nylon wheels for easy movement this little chair is a definitely a keeper ($399). Buy

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Lou Lou Lollipop Silicone Ice Cream Teether


LouLou Lollipop based in Vancouver, BC is turning the teething world upside down. The beautiful products range from necklaces, pacifier clips and teethers made from wood and silicone. The aesthetics of each creation will make any baby and mamma swoon.  Although we love all the creations and designs, the Silicone Ice Cream Teether had us at hello. This handmade teether is simple, sweet, and sprinkled with style. The soft texture and easy to hold teether will make you forget your baby was ever teething ($16) Buy

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Mustache Pacifier


Its not just a pacifier its a Mustachifier. If you think your baby is cute as is, just wait until your bundle of joy sports his new mustache. These clever and adorable mustache pacifiers are turning our little babies into mustache fools – and we like it. Don’t worry, just a little trim here and there will keep these mustaches in tip top shape. The pacifiers come in black, brown, ginger, blonde and cowboy. Gotta start em’ young ($10). Buy

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In the Clouds Spiral Mobile



It’s not every day our babies can dream accompanied by a cloud surrounded with bears, a hot air balloon, and airplanes. The Cloud Spiral Mobile is exactly that, so whimsical that we wish we had it hanging above our heads. The details of each graphic are just as delicate as our little one gazing down below it and visually the colors are stimulating enough to get those litle minds thinking ($20). Buy

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Moon and Stars Mobile



If we could sleep under this dreamy mobile, we would. The beautiful aesthetic and delicate touches give ode to what babies are all about-delicacy, simplicity, and imagination. The handmade Moon and Stars Mobile are sewn with linen and faux metallic leather make up the moon and stars. It’s all in the details and we love that. Sweet Dreams ($60) Buy

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Wobble Animal Friends


We all know babies like to grab, push and knock things down but all for a good cause in supporting learning and exploring. Kid O has created wobbly companions that are soon to be your baby’s favorite toy – Fox Wobble, Owl Wobble, and Raccoon Wobble. These little animals are weighted and designed with a round bottom which come back to baby at just the right time, improving hand-eye coordination. Most importantly, they are resilient just like your baby and bound to create endless hours of fun ($11). Buy

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Puj Flyte Infant Tub



All of us know those infant bathtubs that are becoming more of a old Cadillac our mothers drove- heavy and bulky. The Puj Flyte Bathtub is here to change on that. The tub is essentially a bendable, portable bathtub that is small  enough to fit in a suitcase and sturdy enough for practically any sink. The modern design eliminates all those non-comfortable ways we ended up washing our little one. What’s neat about this is the tub’s foam insulating properties retain warmth so little babies don’t get too cold which means more bath time fun for them. It’s also magically dries very quickly which is due to its non-absorbent material. Super easy to clean, simple design, portable, easy to store bath that really changes the baby washing game ($35). Buy

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Baby Mat by Deuz



Babies love being outside just like everyone else but it’s sometimes hard to find the right play mat that’s versatile for outdoor and indoor use. Deuz Organic Playmat beats out the competition with its extra padded blanket and simple yet not overstimulated objects for baby.  It’s made from 100% organic cotton and bright like the sun with vibrant shapes combined with loops and wooden rings to chew. The bottom of the blanket is a bright fuchsia or aqua velvet like material, depending on the color that wins you over. Most importantly for mamma, its really easy to clean with it’s machine-washable removable cover. Soon your baby will be singing ‘ you are my sunshine, my only sunshine’ while enjoying the fresh air ($120). Buy

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Clouds in the Sky Blanket



If blankets and babies are not made for each other, we don’t know what is. Nuvola’s double-layered reversible Clouds in The Sky baby blanket is made of a super soft blend of cotton and cashmere. The cloud design strikes the perfect balance between style and comfort and quite arguably may be just as soft as your baby’s skin. It’s versatile and lightweight feel makes it a perfect everyday blanket and a blanket that will be used for years to come ($100). Buy

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Oogaa’s Mealtime Set


Oogaa’s Silicone Mealtime Set is made of stuff that keeps little ones happy during meal time-planes and trains! The set, designed with engaging colors and thought out shapes, come’s with two spoons-a plane and a train accompanied with a little matching bowl. It’s all about making meals fun and this set may strike up some choo choos and zoom zooms around the table. Made of high-grade silicone, non-toxic and PVC free ($17) Buy

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