Ocean Tattoos


Every kid can use a little temporary tattoo every now and then. Beautifully illustrated by Mariana Ruiz Johnson, these Ocean Tattoos via Londji bring out the ocean lover in all of us. Made from Eco-friendly ink, the tattoo booklet includes sailors, scuba divers, octopus and the like – just don’t use them up all at once ($7) .Buy

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Doodle Placemats



Doodling isn’t something your grow out of so you might as well do it right from the get go. Draw, sketch and doodle away on these Doodle Placemats designed by eatsleepdoodle and almost guaranteed to keep your kids busy at the restaurant before the shenanigans ensue. Made of strong cotton, these canvas like placemats are washable and durable to handle each masterpieces ten times over ($30). Buy

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Pocket Games & Coloring Roll


Wherever we go there’s always a bit of coloring to do. The Fantastic Pocket Games and Coloring Roll is a portable coloring companion kids can bring along on their adventure. Designed by OMY, the coloring roll includes drawings from superheroes, candy, astronomy and mazes galore- just use the colored pencil, which includes seven colors to fill in the drawings that await. Once your art piece is done, you can tear along the dotted line and wa-la! a masterpiece created ($6). Buy

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Emoji Stamp Kit


Emoticons give us pictorial representations of everything under the sun. They offer a range of feelings, emotions and gestures. Luckily they go beyond the digital world. The Emoji Stamp Kit designed by Yellow Owl Workshop is all about communicating through beautifully designed stamps. The set of 11 stamps embrace what we already know, that kiddos love to express themselves in cute little pictures. Best of all, the kit includes a neon pink ink pad ($19.50) Buy

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Fine Little Day Fruit Prints



One of these is not like the other – and that’s what makes them so amazingly beautiful. The Fine Little Day prints are a collection of colorful, simple and personality filled prints that command the room in which they dwell. Piggllin the pear, Apple Papple, and Pirum Parum don’t necessarily need to be all together, but it would be hard to resit them all ($31). Buy

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Kudamemo Fruit Notepad



An apple a day keeps the doctor away but it also helps with note taking. As a gift for the favorite teacher or for a scribble here and there, these beautiful, delicious and oh so healthy Kudamemo Fruit Notepads will make any to do list feel like dancing. The detailed slices of each fruit almost makes us want to take a bite. Each notepad contains 150 premium sheets of paper and packaged in an faux apple carton, and best of all, the designers used real twigs for each of the stems ($23). Buy

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50/50 Colored Pencils


There’s more than a 50/50 chance your kiddos will love these colors. These 50/50 Pencils contains 12 full size pencils, each double-ended. So many colors crammed into one small tin of happiness lets the creativity flow as each drawing reaches two tone heights. With a little bit of white, cream, yellow and light brown the doodling is endless. Not only are these great for everyday use but also for the traveling family who needs less technology and more color ($10). Buy


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Hippo Shaped Kaba Crayons



Japan designer Ryo Shimura has taken your litttle one’s love of art and animals and combined them! These colorful Hippo (kaba) Crayons are ready for fun. As Hippos love to lay flat and enjoy their head above water, so do these hippo crayons. Imagination will run wild from playing to coloring, back to playing and done – a masterpiece finished ($22).  Buy

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